5 Tips For Travelling in Vietnam: Enjoy the Luxury of Travel Without Hassle

If there is a place that you should visit in Asia, never forget to include Vietnam on the list. It is a country with rich historical background; it has a lot to offer especially if it is just your first time. Beware because you are going to fall in love on its majestic beauty. From the Northern to Southern terrain of the country, you will have lots of stop-overs. Experience a one of a kind holiday trip that will surely captivate you.

Since Vietnam is a tropical country, one must expect that the weather will be humid and temperate. If you visit around summer, you can expect that you’ll melt if you are used to extremely cold weather. Nevertheless, the weather could also become cold depending on the terrain and location you are about to visit. To know more about the weather patterns in Vietnam, you can always check the internet so you will have an idea what to expect.

You must be very excited to pack up but before that, you must know first the 5 tips for travelling in Vietnam. These tips will help you understand the country and its people. Travelling or expatriation could be stressful especially if you are aware of what you are going to encounter.

Tip 1

The first thing you need to know is the currency conversion. You cannot travel from North to South without your dollars converted to Vietnamese dong. Although most stores accept dollars, it is much better to still use dong so that you can get your change. Always remember that the exchange rate of $1 is 21, 000 dong. Pretty surprising, isn’t it? If you visit Vietnam and you have lots of dollars, you can feel like a millionaire. But of course, do not convert all of your dollar accounts. Just convert the amount you’ll need.

Tip 2

The second tip is to prepare for your stomach. Vietnamese food could be very tasty and full of flavor but sometimes your stomach might not take it well. Make sure that you always bring Imodium with you just in case your stomach gives in. If you have some allergies, make sure you also bring your anti-histamine. Most of the restaurants are safe and clean but it is never wrong to prepare just in case something happens.

Tip 3

The last but not the least is the importance of emergency air ambulance insurance coverage when you are travelling in the city. If you are travelling with family members who have medical condition, this is very applicable. Vietnam’s terrains are really rough so travelling by road during a medical emergency is really slow due to street congestion. This travel insurance will help you reach the nearest medical facility with the help of helicopters or air-carriers. The patient airlift services can easily reach your location especially if you will need emergency operation or transplant.

Tip 4

The second to the last tip is about the crowd in Vietnam. When you are in the big city, it is just natural that the crowd is really pushy. To avoid danger, do not get angry or shout to the person who cut-offs the line while you are walking in the street; you can also cut-off others given that you can keep up. Try to avoid making a scene.

Tip 5

The third tip is to make sure you are not dealing with scams. There are lots of scams all over the country especially the taxi, boat, hotel and other rental services. If you ride a taxi, make sure the taxi is metered so that the driver will not fool you regarding the price. You can also give extra tip to the driver if you really like the service. If they say that it is a budget service wherein you can save lots of money, beware because it might be a really low quality service.

The 5 tips for travelling in Vietnam could help you a lot especially when you haven’t visited the country yet. Make sure you do your research before setting your foot in one of the best places in Asia– Vietnam. Enjoy and make the most out of your travel.